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20 Feb 2011

The Little Trekkers on Daybreak 18/2/2011

We only got confirmation the day before...the next day we were to go onto the Daybreak sofa to talk about the girls' adventure!!! Our car was coming at 5.30am....

We had pre recorded a short piece with the Daybreak team a week or so's some pics of that day:


Friday 18th February...5.30am and our car came to get us...three VERY excited girls who had only managed  5 hours sleep the night before were now on the way to the big smoke....passing Big Ben and Buckingham Palace....6.20am we arrived and were taken to the green room (lots of pasteries awaited)

The whole team at Daybreak were so lovely and made us feel so welcome and Jason Manford was there too, he wore a Help for Heroes wristband for us and he was such a giggle!

Make up and hair done we had a chat with the producer as we went through how our section would take shape, mics on, a coffee and some fruit and we were ready to go...into the studio we went!

Christine and Dan couldn't have been more accommodating and so sensitive and interested to our situations and what we were doing and why...much appreciated in the circumstances...we all felt so at ease :-)

We went back on the sofa at the end of the programme and we even managed a photo in the green room with the FA Cup and of course the lovely Christine and Dan.

A fantastic day for the girls' and the trek and  it all helps to open peoples eyes to our world a little bit...the life of a forces child isn't always easy but each and every one is a strong, independant proud child.

Check out and if you saw they piece and wanted to donate to the trek you can do so here

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