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3 Apr 2011

Brownie Cake Sale

Madison is a pretty new brownie but adores going...she's been desperate to do something with her brownie pack for the My Daddy is a Soldier Trek and to tell all her friends what shes been doing.
When they asked if Madison would provide the refreshments at the Mums and Daughter evening she was so excited!!!

Lots of baking and preparing and putting bits in bags, ribbons tied and we were off!!!



Iced Cherry Biscuits
Marble Cupcakes
Sticky homemade popcorn
Meringue with cream and sprinkles

The evening was such a success and everyone was so generous and interested and in total £50.84 was raised to be added to the trek fund/sponsorship that is to be presented to Help for Heroes mid April...fantastic! All the proceeds from the cakes, raffle and cups of tea was all kindly donated to the charity and a massive THANK YOU to the brownie leaders for all their support!!!

Another experience that Madison will treasure and to raise such an amount is so amazing.....someone even said to Madison 'Have I seen you in the paper?' it made her night!

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