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Little Troopers is a registered charity supporting all children with parents serving in the British Armed Forces, regular or reserve. We provide fundamental resources, initiatives and events to ease and aid repeated separation periods aiming to keep parent and child connected and bonded even when miles apart

22 Feb 2012

Little Troopers Treasures initiative

Today we are announcing the launch of Little Troopers Treasures, a new initiative that will enable soldiers to record audio stories and DVDs and even personal letters for their children to listen to or watch in their absence.

We are so excited about this and we are lucky enough to have met and collaborated with a fantastic recording team! The initiative looks set to grow as we have so many ideas! We aim to be travelling around various regiments and garrisons with units deploying soon to ensure this service is offered to as many families as possible!

Having that voice that is so special to listen to every night before bed or that familiar face to watch every day on DVD will ensure the bond of parent/child is kept whilst the soldier is away from the family home.

The My Daddy is a Soldier Adventures community is growing daily and we want our support to match the needs of the British Army families out there, this is something people have told us is needed so we have done our best to create something bespoke to offer.

So... if you have a soldier going away soon or you know someone that does let us know and we will endeavour to arrange a recording day in the area, this really will be a keepsake to have forever and something our Little Troopers at Home really will treasure....


  1. Anonymous15/3/12 21:40

    Do you have someone visiting Camp Bastion that could do a recording?

  2. Anonymous13/4/12 09:09

    How long after deployment do we get the recordings please? Daddy's been deployed for 3 weeks and we're still waiting. Thank you

  3. I don't think you did the recording with us as we have no outstanding packages waiting to go out, sorry. Ours take just 1 week from recording to delivery xx