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Little Troopers is a registered charity supporting all children with parents serving in the British Armed Forces, regular or reserve. We provide fundamental resources, initiatives and events to ease and aid repeated separation periods aiming to keep parent and child connected and bonded even when miles apart

25 Dec 2014

Gifts I’m grateful for this year

As the Little Troopers open their presents today, I thought I would share with you the things that I have been grateful for this year. 

The first is the incredible support from you; our supporters and the Little Troopers. We have had a fun year with our second trip to Germany, this time Paderborn and a trip to Northern Ireland planned for January 2015.  We’ve sent out thousands of Separation Packs, written hundreds of Birthday cards for Little Troopers and you’ve bought lots and lots of hoodies to show your support.

Second was our amazing Summer Camp where over 300 people camped out, got together and shared their experiences of being part of the Army family.  This sharing continued online through the Facebook, gathering ideas and coping mechanisms for the time our soldiers are away.

The third is the thing that makes this all possible – Fundraising. I can’t believe that you have raised over £15,000 this year purely from fundraising activities and donations so we can continue to support our Little Troopers. The £1,000 that we recently received from Tesco (as part of my nomination for Mum of the Year) has really helped us develop our website and add to the community section to help even more families connect.

And finally… we have received some amazing media coverage this year from the Calendar appearing in several National Newspapers to sharing your stories in Magazines and of course the Military Awards ‘Milles’ in December 2014.

Although life can be quite mad sometimes, I feel privileged to run this charity and I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings.
I want to thank all of you personally from the bottom of my heart for supporting My Daddy is a Soldier Adventures and Little Troopers over the last year and I can't wait to meet lots more of you very soon.  
I’ll sign off with one of my favourite messages from this year:

“Wow oh wow! To be apart of today and your amazing charity! I am overwhelmed by today my boys had such an amazing experience I cannot thank you enough for everything you do for our military children.”
Lots of love, Louise xxxx

Here's a few of my fav photos with Little Troopers I've met:

With a Little Trooper in Cottesmore

At Lapland UK with some Little Troopers

At the Millies with some Little Troopers who surprised me on stage!

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