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Little Troopers is a registered charity supporting all children with parents serving in the British Armed Forces, regular or reserve. We provide fundamental resources, initiatives and events to ease and aid repeated separation periods aiming to keep parent and child connected and bonded even when miles apart

18 Mar 2015

Why aren't they important enough?

I often only blog when I feel I have a swell of emotion for something, passionate posts always seem so much easier to write and this one has been brewing for a while!

Why is it that children of servicemen or women who aren't in 'crisis' but face unique challenges every day aren't seen as a worthy cause to support? Why aren't Little Troopers important enough?

I created the charity due to my own daughter really struggling with what comes with being the child of a soldier and not being able to find support for her, over the last four years is has become apparent that many other children need support too.
These children are the majority with over 100,000 Little Troopers and yes many of them are not in 'crisis' but they DO still need support to deal with separation from a soldier parent, they DO need to feel like they belong to something due to constant moving and they DO deserve recognition.

I have applied to every forces charity, I have applied numerous times for LIBOR funding, I have applied over and over again for grants, I even met the Prime Minister and wrote to him and the Defence Secretary (without response) but NO ONE sees this cause as one they want to help. We have hardly any pennies in the bank to sustain and grow our support for so many who rely on it yet I know it is needed so volunteer all the spare time I have to continue, but I consistently ask myself why don't various parties see our Little Troopers as important enough?

I write this post today as a further £75m is pledged from LIBOR fines to military charities, this is great news and some really deserving causes in the list...not one that will solely benefit military children and their unique challenges read about todays LIBOR announcement in total a reported £450m LIBOR funds has gone to military charities read more here...every tranche we have applied and every time turned down but why? nothing in the list that is available suggests it is going to an initiative to support specifically the needs of 174,000 service children with no 'crisis' no additional problems just the factor that they are a child of a person who has chosen a unique career demanding total commitment that can affect their everyday life.

It makes me so sad.

I wont give up on these children or My Daddy is a Soldier Adventures, I want this support to be tri service  to support Army, Navy & RAF families and I know as a community we can make it happen and prove this support is important, it is making a difference and it is most definitely a cause worth supporting.

Together we are Stronger.

Louise xxx

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  1. It won't ever change. The family is not important (in the eyes of the Army). My dad served 22yrs, my husband is 9yrs in. It's actually worse now than ever. UWO'S can say it's not the case however experience shows otherwise.