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Little Troopers is a registered charity supporting all children with parents serving in the British Armed Forces, regular or reserve. We provide fundamental resources, initiatives and events to ease and aid repeated separation periods aiming to keep parent and child connected and bonded even when miles apart

24 Jan 2011

A short video introduction

A short introduction to the trek from Madison


  1. Anonymous25/1/11 12:54

    Wow, what an inspirational feat.

    Congratulations on thinking of this and taking it on. I am sure your Dad's, their soldier friends, families and everyone else who supports Help for Heroes will be wishing all the best and being very thankful!

    Best of luck and i hope people dig as deep as they can with donations.

    Chin up - they will be back from Afghan all safe and sound before you know it!

    Best regards,

    Gareth Kitson

  2. Anonymous27/1/11 13:06

    Good luck with the trek Maddie.
    You and your friends have the best dads in the world and we are all thinking of them.

    David Summers
    Paderborn, Germany
    27.01.11 14:00

  3. @emmaforbes30/1/11 17:38

    Great good luck - what a fantastic thing to do!! I think you will do brilliantly!! well done you x x

  4. @EmmaForbes30/1/11 17:39

    P.S. Let me know how you do!!!