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22 Jan 2011

Some kit has arrived!!!!!

Four girls all with an idea...but 7 year olds definately do not think about the planning side, their focus is to be standing up on Snowdon in March, so the planning comes to us Mummys!!!
Hundreds of emails have been sent out pleading for help with all the kit they will need for their adventure and this week some donations have arrived!

We are so grateful to all the organisations who have donated so far it really is amazing and so appreciated:

Little Trekkers donated lovely pink coats and charcoal trousers from Spotty Otter

'Top Specification Spotty Otter Gear for ultimate weather protection and looking good! Stay dry with this Spotty Otter Waterproof Jacket!'

And the trousers!.....

Then came wonderful trekking socks from

'Falke TK2 Trekking Socks provide optimal cushioning and the highest comfort for your child's feet. The Falke TK2 offers high levels of joint protection and pressure reduction for long-lasting comfort. With formed toe areas for right and left foot the FALKE TK 2 trekking socks for children help ensure pain-free walking every step of the way, even on the longest trek, hike or walk'

Finally the guys at Vestry Foods
sent the girls some good old ratio packs to see them through the journey!!!!

So massive thanks to all and the hunt continues for sleeping bags and thermal donations!!!

Lots of love from the girls' xxxx

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