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9 Sep 2015

We're made of stern stuff...thankfully!

What a summer it has been!

I am sure many of you just like us have been packing your lives into boxes and going on the move to new postings, our move went pretty smoothly and after 6 weeks I don't need to use the Sat Nav to get to Tesco's anymore! It always takes me a few weeks to find homes for everything and figure out the space and squidge all our furniture in but once the bunting is up anywhere feels like home!

Unfortunately just a couple of weeks after we moved my Little Trooper got rushed into hospital and after a few days on the children's ward had her appendix out but recovered really well and was determined to start her new school just 6 days after her operation!

Me & My brave Little Trooper post op
I've no doubt over the last week or so lots of Little Troopers have started new schools and I know my little girl makes me so proud how well she deals with it, unfortunately as our postings have worked out and her age it seems its a new school every September for 6 years is on the cards....she's done 4 so 2 more to go!

Last week my husband ventured off on a few months away which we'd all prepared ourselves for but another wave of bad luck he got very poorly and was returned home, he will be off for a long while recovering.

Luckily the situations we find ourselves in as military families means we are strong individuals and can cope with what life throws at us....although I have cried lots of tears! Together we are stronger, together we face what we have too and together we have started our new chapter.

I really hope everyone has had a great Summer and all the Little Troopers are settled back in school, I'm looking forward to the Autumn as there are lots of exciting things coming for Little Troopers everywhere and I really can't wait to share them with you!

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Lots of Love,

Louise xxxx

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